01 November 2010

WIP : Release candidate 2 for DS2

I'm currently working "again" on the previously released CTF-Desolate State 2.
So it will be a RC2.

The list of todo is:
-Fix the color scheme (almost done, see below)
-Improving performances/memory load (a lot of static meshes have to be switched with BSP)
-Fix collisions
-Improving the lighting (with memory saving in mind)

I need testers, so contact me if you're interested.

Desolate State 2 RC2

31 October 2010

WOLD Halloween challenge 2010

Today I released a serie of screenshots for a challenge on WOLD. The goal was to create an haunted mansion in one month, so did I. It uses only assets from UT3.

25 December 2009

Release of CTF Desolate State2 for UT3
-CTF-Desolate conversion with improved graphics.

Map unavailable. Point.

08 March 2009

Release of CTF Stronghold2 for UT2004
-mpq3ctf3 conversion with the Dm-Idoma's stuffs.

Map unavailable. Point.